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Updated: Jun 9, 2023

With almost $100,000,000 in damage each year, dryer fires are a large and growing problem for many insurance companies.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, there are approximately 15,500 fires, 10 deaths, and 10 injuries that can be attributed to dryer fires each year.

One out of 7,800 households will experience a fire caused by an improperly maintained dryer vent.

How does this happen?

Usually some small pieces of lint start accumulating within the vent, it creates a snowball effect where additional debris catches on the lodged debris, increasing the surface area for additional debris to accumulate. Not only that these clogs accumulated in the vents will prevent your dryer from working properly but they also create the perfect storm for a fire.

Why are dryer fires today more common and more dangerous?

Traditionally dryers were located in the basement, which required relatively short exhaust vents. Modern laundry rooms are located in the kitchen, in bedrooms or even at second story bathrooms, etc. This increased risk for two reasons. In the event of a fire, being located against paneling, drywall, or wood, can cause a fire to expand and cause more damage to the home than it would cause in the basement, which are traditionally constructed with stone or concrete, minimizing potential damage. The second reason is that these modern laundry rooms are located farther away from the external vent, causing the exhaust pipe to be longer or less direct/straight line. The longer and less direct the pipe, the higher the chance of a dangerous clog.

How can dryer fires be prevented?

These types of fires are highly and easily preventable. Make a habit of having your

vents cleaned at regular intervals usually recommended every 6 months to minimize the risks associated with lint clogs. Empire

Air Duct can help you clean your Dryer exhaust Vent at low cost. Call Today 646-434-6742

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