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Spring Cleaning! Something you didn't know!

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Spring is here, it is the perfect time for Spring-Cleaning. Bringing the positive energy to your home by decluttering and cleaning the space is a very important aspect of your life. Home is your personal space where you should enjoy spending your time. Does your home bring you peace, relaxation and joy? Most people do this practice of cleaning their homes thoroughly during spring time. This practice breathes a new life into their homes after the long winter. It is time to refresh your home, to organize, and declutter. Dust on your furniture is something that you regularly clean, imagine not cleaning that dust for an entire year.

What about the ventilation system? If you can't recall when was the last time you cleaned your vents you should consider cleaning your ventilation system this spring. Cleaning ventilation is an important part of home ownership and building maintenance. Keeping air ducts clean has been proven to stop some serious health issues. The cleaning of air ducts improves the overall health of all family members. Pet dander, dust, pollen, and other allergens and microorganisms are getting accumulated in the ducts. These allergens accumulate over time and when the air ducts are used, they are blown around and distributed throughout the house. It is recommended to get the ducts inspected and cleaned every year. Cleaning your air ducts will Improve your indoor air quality. Dirty air ducts cause odors. People who ignore duct cleaning have to keep in mind the consequences of a dirty environment including nasal congestion, allergies, and many other health issues.

Air Duct Cleaning will bring a new light to your home, it will feel and smell fresh. Besides removing dust and dirt, pet hair, toys, small animals etc. from your ventilation system, air duct cleaning companies will use sanitation to disinfect your ventilation system and get rid of any other remaining microorganisms, germs, bacteria, viruses etc. that enjoy living inside your vents. You should consider including Air Duct Cleaning as a part of your Spring Cleaning Routine. Homeowners in New York , Connecticut and New Jersey can call 646-434-6742 for free consultations. Visit where you can see flat rate pricing based on the size of your home. Empire Air Duct offers 100% customer satisfaction and flat rate service guaranteed. Company is using the newest technology with a 4 stage HEPA filtration system and Organic and EPA approved Sanitation products. Free Camera inspection is available with service, where you can see your vents before and after the cleaning in the real time. Service is available 7 days a week, visit where you can also schedule your appointment on our online booking platform.

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